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Use of this site and/or download of the software provided on it is subject to the following terms. Using this site and the software provided on it assumes that you agree to these terms.

Free Software Licence

The Software provided on this site is provided free of charge but remains copyright Harrison Paul Ltd [HPL]. By installing or using this software you agree to be bound by the terms in the licence provided with the software. If you do not agree to these terms then you should remove all copies of the software and all accompanying files and resources from your computer(s).

You may not sell, rent, lease or sublicence the Software. For bundle enquiries please contact HPL.


Anyone wishing to make the Software available to others may do so ONLY by providing a link to the files on this site and not by redistributing the files themselves except by prior written permission from HPL.

The software must not be presented in such a way to appear to be the work of any other person or organization.

Furthermore the copyright ownership of PluginCreativity must be clearly acknowledged with the notice

© PluginCreativity 1995-2016

displayed clearly on the same page as the download link. No charge can be made for the software, or for providing it.


HPL hereby asserts that it is the legal copyright owner of the Software. This product is not currently officially supported. Support may be provided by HPL at its sole discretion via email to

The software is provided on an AS IS basis without further warranty or assertion of any kind.

Whilst Digital Workshop makes every effort to ensure the files provided here are virus free, we strongly recommend that you run a virus check over the files before running them. You use these programs at your own risk and in no event will HPL accept liability or be held responsible for any damage, disruption and or data loss as a result of using them.

You may contact Digital Workshop at the following address for clarification of any of the above points or to arrange software redistribution or bundling with your products.

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