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  • Elemental Plugin Showcase Image of Jigsaw Pieces Landing in a Lake
  • Photo Blender Plugin Showcase Image of a Swimming Woman in a Bubble in Space
  • PluginCreativity Showcase Image of Fire Phoenix
  • TextArt Plugin Showcase Image of Sanctuary Spa Treatment Promotion
  • PluginCreativity Showcase Image of a Jungle in Red with Hibiscus Flower
Photo Blender free photo-manipulation plugin logo blender showcase montage of different effects blended together

Blender lets you create and customise blends, fades and frames for creative montages with an interactive control. Ideal for photo-manipulation, as well as blended and creative frames edges.

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Elemental free texture generator plugin logo montage of textures created using Elemental

Elemental plugin generates resolution-independent textures, materials and patterns including fire, marble, clouds, wood and water with full control of colour and zoom. Apply to photos for unique effects.

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textart free text effects plugin logo textart plugin montage of different caption and title effects

Create and customise hundreds of special TextArt effects on any text, in any font for creative captions, headlines, banners and logos in an instant. Includes chrome, gold and glass effects plus scribble and more.

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splatter free photo effects plugin logo

Randomly Splatter elements across images, around edges or into text selections. Creative fun for all kinds of designs from web titles to greetings cards.

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splatter montage of flowers on grass