About PluginCreativity

The plugins on this site began life as commercial products developed by Digital Workshop when we were UK distributors for PaintShop Pro when it was owned by it's original developers, Jasc.

They may be getting a bit old now but we still use them regularly and so, it seems, do many of you as we regularly get enquiries to buy the full versions. So we decided to relaunch the site and give the plugins away for free (though you are welcome to make a donation to say thanks and to help us develop some more).

As well as photo-editing plugins we created a lot of additional resources for PaintShop Pro including picture frames, tubes and textures which we released as PaintShop Pro Xtras. These were bought by Jasc to be included in PaintShop Pro, though few are. If there's enough interest in this site we'll start developing some more.

The plusings will also work with any other photo-editing software which supports 32-bit Adobe-compatible plugins including Photoshop, Serif PhotoPlus and others.

The software is provided on an AS IS basis without further warranty or assertion of any kind so we're not officially providing support but if you email us at the address below we'll do what we can and hope to post answers to frequently-asked questions here. We also hope to get some video tutorials up on YouTube.

You may contact Digital Workshop at the following address.


Digital Workshop

Mansley Business Centre

Timothy's Bridge Road



CV37 9NQ

United Kingdom

Tel: 01789 722515 (Outside UK dial +44 1789 722515)
Fax: +44 (0)1789 298056

Email: support@digitalworkshop.com


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